Metropolitan center and sub-center areas
Area Features
Shinjuku subcenter

This is the center of Tokyo’s function as Japan’s capital, gathering government, judicial, and executive agencies, and a large number of headquarters and head offices of major corporations. This area contains about 31 percent of the business establishments in Tokyo, with about 200,000; in this regard, the top three municipalities are Minato Ward, Chuo Ward, and Chiyoda Ward. Among the establishments, there is a notable accumulation of the information and communications, service, academia and research, finance, and health care related industries. There is also a striking concentration of foreign-affiliated companies.

This area also ranks among the top in the world in transportation infrastructure, including the railway network centering on Tokyo, Shibuya, and Shinagawa stations where redevelopment projects are underway, and the Metropolitan Expressway.

Manufacturing Industry Features
Information Technology Industry Image

There are many printing and printed-related businesses located here, with this sector comprising about half of the number of establishments figures of the area.

There are also many software related IT companies engaged in businesses such as software development and Internet related services, with a striking number of these companies located in convenient places near stations such as Akihabara, Kayabacho, and Shinjuku.

Support Facilities and Property Situation
Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center

A characteristic of the city center and sub-center area is its large number of comprehensive company support organizations.

As a comprehensive and central business support facility for small and medium-sized companies in Tokyo, the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center responds to needs for business establishment, with a diverse support menu, which includes human resource development support.

Basic Data
Metropolitan center : Chiyoda, Chuo, Minato
Sub-centers : Shinjuku, Bunkyo, Shibuya, Toshima
Population Number of establishments
in manufacturing business
Number of employees in
manufacturing business
Shipment value
(unit: ten million yen)
Added value
(unit: ten million yen)
Chiyoda 61,269 247 2,748 5,549 2,862
Chuo 156,823 415 3,418 7,858 3,861
Minato 253,639 264 2,120 5,708 2,672
Shinjuku 342,297 471 6,879 19,140 6,220
Bunkyo 217,419 569 6,000 11,098 5,063
Shibuya 224,680 173 1,314 2,369 1,244
Toshima 287,111 445 3,915 6,545 3,231
total of this area 1,543,238 2,584 26,394 58,267 25,153
total of Toyko 13,637,346 27,142 296,132 854,522 338,191

・Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, "Basic resident register", 2018/1/1
・Industry and Employment in TOKYO 2018, Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government