About Us

What is Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Location Support Center?

We operate a new one-stop service with industrial location specialist advisers listening to your requests and providing necessary
information according to the details of your consultations, etc.

Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Location Support Center offers specialized advisors for companies and individuals who are examining business locations such as offices, stores, factories, and business sites in Tokyo. Specialized advisors will ask for your request, and in addition to making inquiries to real estate companies, we will provide information on various support systems in the capital city and metropolitan areas.

Example of flow when looking for private properties (coordination with cooperative business)

Example of flow

*The Center will not participate in negotiations and contract agreements, etc.

Introduction video of Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Location Support Center (ILSC)
An introduction video that provides an easy-to-understand summary of the services offered by the Center and how to use these services.This video contains audio. [Video length: 1 minutes and 57 seconds]

Items for agreement when using the Support Center

  • Use of the Center does not guarantee that the consulting party will be provided with real estate matching its requirements.
  • The consulting party must guarantee to the Center that he/she is not part of a criminal organization or any related organization.
  • The Center does not make a definite promise of the issuance of subsidiary aid, etc. from a municipality introduced to the consulting party.
  • When a decision has been made regarding a real estate location for which information was provided, a “Location Completion Report” is to be submitted to the Center.