Josai area
Area Features
Distant view of Nakano Ward Office

This area is one of the metropolis’ leading residential districts, and it also has good access to the city center and sub-center area. It has a large population, with Setagaya Ward and Nerima Ward ranking first and second place, respectively, among all the municipalities of Tokyo. The population growth of Setagaya Ward ranks second in Tokyo, following that of Koto Ward.

Manufacturing Industry Features
Tokyo Contents Incubation Center

There is a high concentration of animation production studios in this area, centering on Suginami Ward and Nerima Ward.

It is estimated that there are about 622 animation production companies in Japan. Over 40 percent of them are located in this area, with 103 in Nerima Ward, 138 in Suginami Ward, and 30 in Nakano Ward.

*Source: The Association of Japanese Animations “Distribution of Japan’s Animation Production Companies (2016 edition)”

Support Facilities and Property Situation
Ikejiri Institute of Design

The Tokyo Contents Incubation Center (TCIC) is a business startup support facility established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to specifically support the content-related industry.

The Ikejiri Institute of Design fully utilizes a former public junior high school as an office space for various manufacturing businesses. It serves as a working space for creators active in various fields.

Basic Data
Setagaya, Nakano, Suginami, Nerima
Population Number of establishments
in manufacturing business
Number of employees in
manufacturing business
Shipment value
(unit: ten million yen)
Added value
(unit: ten million yen)
Setagaya 900,107 334 2,553 4,457 2,137
Nakano 328,683 230 1,454 1,997 965
Suginami 564,489 264 1,520 2,540 1,269
Nerima 728,479 487 3,878 7,192 2,915
total of this area 2,521,758 1,315 9,405 16,186 7,286
total of Toyko 13,637,346 27,142 296,132 854,522 338,191

・Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, "Basic resident register", 2018/1/1
・Industry and Employment in TOKYO 2018, Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government